2016 Grammy’s Worsts and Bests

This year’s Grammys were not lacking in many great performances. With everything from musical tributes of legends that have passed away over the last year to budding new artists that are on their to making history. With stunning performances, many segments are likely going to be put down in as some of the best live acts that any Grammy show has ever seen. Unfortunately, there were a few performances that were butchered due to some technical difficulties, and unsteady vocals. Below, we have ranked the 2016 Grammy performances from worst to best.

Coming in as the worst on the list is Adele sing “All I Ask”. Over the years we have all come to know that Adele is able to put on breathtaking shows. Sadly, her Grammy performance was not up to her normal standards. Right off the bat, her performance of “All I Ask” was off to a rocky start. There was an odd clicking sound that was coming from the piano. This clicking noise seemed to throw her off her vocal, which resulted in her voices sounding uncomfortable for the rest of her segment. It was later confirmed by CBS, that there was, in fact, a 5 to 8 second sound problem that was out of their control. Later that night Adele Twitted, that the piano mics had fallen onto the strings causing the strange guitar sound.

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Next on the list was the duet that was done between Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt. In their performance, they chose to do a mash-up of “Heartbeat” and “Take Your Time”. These two voices melded perfectly together to create on of the better harmonies that have ever been seen at the Grammys. While Carrie Underwood delivered a powerful show, there were some moments where newcomer Sam Hunt’s vocals sounded a bit strained. Most segments usually run around 3 minutes but this duet went on to 5 minutes. Such a long performance would have been alright, except there was a lack of choreography which caused their duet to seem longer than it was.

Don Henley, Jackson Browne, and Joe Walsh all came together to do a tribute to the late Glenn Frey. This trio chose to pay homage to Frey by performing “Take It Easy”. The performance was pretty good but was sadly lacking in energy. This could have easily been avoided by adding a younger performer to the roaster to help boost up the energy level of the song.

We have to come know that The Weekend is a great live performer, and his show at the Grammys was not a disappointment. He chose to sing “In the Night” and “Can’t Feel My Face”. While his vocal was on point, his choice of focusing most of his segment time on the low-energy “In the Night” was the only downside in is performance. It would have been better if he had started off with the slow song and then cranking up the energy with “Can’t Feel My Face”.


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Alabama Shakes were able to create a wonderful performance, thanks in part to the powerful vocals of Brittany Howard. This group chose to sing “Don’t Wanna Fight” at the 2016 Grammys. Brittany is considered to be one of the greatest voices in the modern music industry. With their performance of “Don’t Wanna Fight”, Alabama Shakes was able to knock the socks off of everyone listening.

It is no surprise that Taylor Swift was chosen to open for the 2016 Grammys. Her performance of “Out of the Woods” set the bar high for all segments that were following hers. From the very first beat, Taylor’s singing was beyond flawless. Then everyone was floored when she started doing vocal runs near the end of the song. This performance will definitely go down in history as one of her best award show performances.

Justin Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo are next on the list with their performance of “Love Yourself” and “Where are U Now”. Bieber hit the stage, after winning his first ever Grammy. He delivered an impassioned and acoustic version of “Love Yourself” before Diplo and Skrillex joined him on stage. With Diplo on the drums, Skrillex on guitar and Bieber on vocals, tt was no surprise that these three rocked out hard and delivered a kick-ass version of “Where Are U Now”.

Lady Gaga hit the stage to do a 10 song homage to the late David Bowie in only 6 minutes. While some of her theatrics were on the verge of being gaudy, Lady Gaga was still able to re-create many of Bowie’s fashion evolutions as well. She also had some help from Bowie collaborators Nile Rodgers and Raphael Saadiq. Working alongside these two, Lady Gaga was able to bring a whole new element to her performance, which would have made Bowie proud.

But the greatest show of the night was Kendrick Lamar. He hit the stage in an unusual stage outfit, to perform “The Blacker the Berry” and “Alright”. Lamar shuffled onto the Grammy stage covered in chains, in an effort to make a political statement. He began his segment with “The Blacker the Berry” which was tied together with a wonderful sax solo. This was then followed by “Alright” which was done in front of a bonfire with a tribal dancer. To wrap up his performance Lamar did a little freestyling, which will go down as being one of the best live television performance in history.

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