Learn to Write Your Own Poetry

Anyone can learn to write a poem. It is simply a matter of putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and writing down words. The beauty of poetry is that it can take any shape. The writer can put down full sentences, or merely sentence fragments. Even one word. There is more freedom with punctuation in poetry than there is in writing prose. The writer has the freedom to experiment with words; symbolism and metaphors are encouraged. Rhyming is optional. What is most important is that the writer is expressing and/or provoking emotions to/in the reader. Poems can also be used to tell a story.
Once the poet is comfortable writing poetry and finding unique ways to express themselves with words there is the opportunity to learn more about different types of poetry. The internet has many free poetry tutorials so that a writer can learn to write poems. If one wanted they could study everything from the elegant seventeen syllable Haiku to the more complex Shakespearean Sonnet. Practicing the different rules and organization of different types of poetry is a great way to become adapt at writing your own, whichever form you decide to use.